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2015 HONDA CBR 300R

$3 495

2015 HONDA CBR 300R

Lowered! Aftermarket Grips! Aftermarket Levers!

Great for beginners and experienced riders alike, the CBR300R packs a 300-class engine that delivers a 17-percent boost in peak power compared to the CBR250R. Thanks to a full sport fairing, new dual headlights and new exhaust system, the CBR300R has the look of a serious sport bike. With more power, nimble handling, an affordable price and low operating cost, the CBR300R-also available with optional ABS-makes every ride a fun one.

Check out the new CBR300R—it’s got a wide powerband for plenty of power around town or on the freeway. The CBR300R is narrow, light and flickable, offering excellent fuel economy, a ton of fun and about as user-friendly as a bike can be.

And here’s one of the best parts: the new 2015 CBR300R is a huge bargain. Whether you’re after dependable weekday transportation or a weekend sport machine that’s fun to ride, the new 2015 CBR300R delivers—and then some!

Type Motorcycles
Category Sportbike
Year 2015
Mileage 13037
Color Black
Vin MLHNC5108F5100249